Outsiders 11 December, 2022 – Correction

A segment of the Outsiders program broadcast on December 11, 2022 concerning a report released by the US Department of Health and Human Services about management of Long COVID and use of masks included an interview with US naturopathic doctor, Dr Mark Sherwood. The broadcast did not intend to suggest that Dr Sherwood was a medically trained doctor and any such inference is incorrect. The views expressed by Dr Sherwood were expressed as a naturopath.

The World According to Rowan Dean December 6, 2022 – Correction

A segment of the The World According to Rowan Dean program broadcast on December 6, 2022 concerning Oxford City Council traffic control measures in the UK was incorrect. The measure as currently proposed by the council is a temporary trial in 2024, and will involve the placing of number plate recognition cameras and would require people to obtain permits if they wanted to travel on certain roads for more than 100 days per year in order to combat congestion. The guidance released by council also confirms that people will be free to move in and out of their neighbourhoods whenever they want and that the “15 minute neighbourhood” is an unrelated initiative which does not involve any form of lockdown.